past, current, and upcoming projects...

(last updated 03/28/2013)

Optiphonal Wonder Machine: Quantum physics and Jungian theory, experimental improvisation, synthpop, hydrophonium, MaxMSP Jitter, audio, visual, textual, puppet theatre, constellations, mythologies, science fiction, cinema, deep ecology, glitter.

Melusine: In the summer of 2010, I began writing a gothic mermaid novel. I am still working on it with help from NaNoWriMo. See the Melusine blog for more info.

More Blogs: documentations, inspirations, thoughts, discussions, and tangents. I now have a few blogs going:

View From A Sidecar- beauty and wonder;

An Ongoing Story of Illness and Healing- my personal experiences with illness and healing, especially Lyme Disease and CFIDS;

and Zebedee- for all things Zebedee, the fabulous Samoyed puppy

"Mythology" website (2008):
Artist Kate Rannells and I collaborate on our personal mythologies through image and relationship.

A Runny Babbit: I have a longrunning daydream for a cover band. It's going to be amazing.