After working as a songwriter and musician from childhood, in my mid-twenties I began experimenting with a variety of artistic media. Discovering how different media influence and affect my creative process resulted in my completing an Intermedia Arts degree from Mills College in Oakland, California. I work with video, photography, web, electronics, sculpture, painting, sound, music, and writing. In 2003-2004 I studied on the foundation course at Byam Shaw School of Fine Arts, part of Central Saint Martins School of Arts in London, England, where I focused on painting and sculpture. In 2002, I produced a cd, "Distance."

I am currently interested in working with or through what I call bridging—accessing the unconscious through creative processes and developing contemporary mythologies. This process is similar to Depth Psychology’s Active Imagination, but is done with a structural outline for a piece and some level of technical skill with the media I am using. In my work I have focused on themes of illness and healing, identity, the conscious and unconscious in creative processes, and most recently the development of mythological symbols and narratives, and the idea of the animate world of objects and media as collaborative elements in the creative process.